About Me

Cheyenne Glade Wilson, an enrolled Oglala Sioux tribal member, is a rancher, wife, mother, business owner, cowgirl, and poet/writer.  As a 4th generation rancher, Cheyenne was born and raised on her family’s ranch in southeastern Montana and spent much of her young life in the rodeo arena.  School and other interests took her to various cities throughout the country where she furthered her knowledge of retail business.  After climbing the corporate ladder for several years, Cheyenne realized her heart remained rooted in her ranching background, and returned to carry on the family tradition.  Cheyenne and her husband, Shane, run their cow/calf operation on the Pine Ridge Reservation near Oglala, SD.  They are thrilled to be raising their son, Stone, in the same lifestyle that they were blessed to grow up in.

Cheyenne divides her time between the ranch and her business, Cowgirl Swank, which she started in March of 2007.  She and her employees create custom, hand-embellished crystal headwear and apparel, offered at retail, wholesale, and association pricing.  Cowgirl Swank has created caps and other items for celebrities such as Ree Dummond – The Pioneer Woman, Reba and Susie McEntire, Miranda Lambert, Miss Rodeo America, and Charmayne James, to name a few.  A natural born philanthropist, Cheyenne is always focused on paying it forward and has donated caps to many worthy causes, including breast cancer and childhood cancer awareness, as well as the Justin Cowboy Crisis Fund.  She prides herself in Cowgirl Swank’s exceptional customer service and quality.

A true cowgirl at heart, Cheyenne has recently returned to the rodeo arena as a contestant and board member of the Women’s Ranch Rodeo Association.  She also pens a blog entitled “The Native Cowgirl.”  She is no newcomer to the writing world, having been a published poet at age 12.  In the wake of the horrible October 2013 blizzard that killed thousands of cattle and devastated hundreds of South Dakota ranchers, Cheyenne was moved to write the poem “The Storm Atlas”, which was published in numerous periodicals around the country.  In her free time, she enjoys making memories with her family and also loves to ride, rope, read, watch movies and create wonderful homecooked meals for friends and family.  She is truly a modern day cowgirl and says she wouldn’t trade her ranch life for all of the diamonds in the world.  Cheyenne invites you to check out her business at www.cowgirlswank.com and her blog at www.thenativecowgirl.com  Both sites also have Facebook pages set up to keep fans current on happenings, giveaways, and special offers.  Cheyenne can be reached at thenativecowgirl@yahoo.com and on her cell at:  605-891-1827.

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