“Cowgirl Swank” Goodie Bag Giveaway!!

Because it’s before 5 am (I need coffee!) and because I’m going to be offline for a few days…..it’s time for my first giveaway!! I haven’t had a chance to tell you all about “Cowgirl Swank”…..most of you already may know what it is, but if you don’t let me give you a quick overview.


“Cowgirl Swank” is my passion. It is the business I started on March 1st, 2007. What do we do? We create custom hand-designed Swarovski crystal designs. We then adhere them to caps, visors, hoodies, tees, tote bags, etc. We are best known for our headwear items. If you can envision it….most likely, we can create it! We love to recreate brands and logos along with all sorts of designs.Β  See……

Tana Counts Cap Red Rose Pink CO MC Mare and Foal MRA 2012 DSCN4007

Who helps me create these? I have one full-time employee:Β  Kayla. She has become a wizard with crystal designs (truly…..she is amazing). Here we are last year (yes, we are truly “swanked” out)….Kayla on the left….me on the right. πŸ™‚

Kayla and Me

I also have other part-time gals who help create all the items we offer. We’ve all been together for some time now. I appreciate all the hard work everyone puts in…..these items don’t create themselves. We take a lot of pride in every piece that leaves our shop…..handmade is hard to find these days. We love what we do…..It’s never dull…each day brings something new…..who wouldn’t love that?! πŸ™‚

How can you order a custom item for yourself or for someone else? Go to our website:Β  www.cowgirlswank.com or our Cowgirl Swank Facebook page. Contact us or shop in our online store….if you need assistance we will walk you through the process with customer service you will be happy with. πŸ™‚

Who wears our items? Lots of folks! Yes, mostly females….from age 2 to 82! We’ve created items for Reba McEntire, Miranda Lambert, Miss Rodeo America, and……Ree Drummond – The Pioneer Woman! She is a big fan of our caps….we have gladly created two different orders for her (one for Christmas and one for her production crew). What a thrill that was! We have fans all over the country….we’ve shipped caps internationally (Italy, Australia, Canada, England, South Korea, France, etc.). It’s such a thrill to know our caps are spread across the globe! We love to see pictures of our fans wearing Cowgirl Swank creations……nothing makes us smile more!

I don’t have time right now to go into much more detail….I’ll save that for another day. Like I said, I’m going to be offline for a few days….so…..this is the perfect opportunity to have my first giveaway. What better to giveaway than a goodie bag full of Cowgirl Swank?

To enter, here’s what you do:Β  1. Make sure you “follow” my blog (you can click the “follow” button down in the lower right-hand corner of this screen….this ensures that you get my blog by email). 2. Like The Native Cowgirl Facebook page. 3. In the comments section, tell me how long you’ve known about Cowgirl Swank. Easy as that!! I will draw a random winner when I get back online…Wednesday morning. Good luck and enjoy your weekend! Be back soon! ~Cheyenne

38 thoughts on ““Cowgirl Swank” Goodie Bag Giveaway!!”

  1. I found CS through the Pioneer Woman a little over a year ago. I love my crystal branded stormy cromer and even more that CS is in my home state of Nebraska!

  2. I liked the page & signed up for your blog, when you introduced it on Facebook several days ago. I honestly don’t remember exactly when I first heard about Cowgirl Swank, but I believe it was about a month before Christmas. You have very beautiful items and I’m a big fan of Bling! πŸ™‚

  3. I was vaguely familiar with Cowgirl Swank and had been checking your work out the last 8 months. Just found out about your blog from facebook and I am very impressed! Thanks and keep up the great work!

  4. I’ve known about Cowgirl Swank since Christmas of 2011! That year my brother gave his girlfriend (now wife) once of your custom caps! πŸ™‚

  5. I have known of ya’ll about 2 years. Love all the beautiful creations ya’ll put out there!!! Its awesome that you have your creations on some pretty famous folks!!! Keep up the good work!!

  6. Since Before PW started wearing hers, is that 1 or 2 years? But someday I will have one, it is in my want list,

  7. I found out about cowgirl swank 2 years ago, since then I have ordered 2 custom visors, one with our ranch brand and one that says “wrestling mom” because my two young sons wrestle. I love both of my visors! When we go to wrestling tournaments I get many compliments on my visor. I hope to order more “swank” items in the future!

  8. I’ve known about Cowgirl Swank for about 3 yrs. now I think when I ordered my first swanky Garfield Meat Shop hat, then a few more then last season you all got to make your first dragster cap for our drag racing team…love your talents!

  9. I think it’s been about a year since I’ve known about #cowgirlswank. I love to see all of your new designs and read your comments. And now on #thenativecowgirl I enjoy reading your blog. Keep up your awesome work girly!

  10. Love your stuff! Got my first items before Christmas and they are amazing. I have known about your company for about 2 years! Congrats on your blog!

  11. I have known about Cowgirl Swank and their awesome caps for about three years, but have only gotten to experience them this past year when a friend of mine gave me one with her teamroping logo on it. I get compliments whenever I wear it!

  12. We went to Ft. Robinson in 2012 and visited Chadron one afternoon. After we returned home, I found you on facebook. Iwas ssooo disappointed that I hadn’t heard of you before we were out there. I was bummed.

  13. I have know about you for about 4years now. Love all my Cowgirl Swank items. Wear them to rodeos & jackpots, get lots of compliments. My 9 yr old wears them too. We would LOVE to add to our collection!
    Love the blog as well!

  14. Hmmm. Gonna do this again…hope it doesn’t show up twice but a goody bag is worth it!! I have followed Cowgirl Swank on fb for about a year and a half and am a proud owner of a custom made beautiful hat. I love all their products.

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